Homeopathy is viewed as
safe, effective and inexpensive
by the World Health Organisation,
which notes that it is the
most used system
of natural medicine
in the world, after
Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Homeopathy is one of the key natural methods of healing incorporated in this clinic.

From a homeopathic perspective, all your complaints are a reflection of you as a whole.

For instance, a patient may present with hayfever, constipation, and nervousness with public speaking. These are all manifestations of an inner disturbance and present a pattern of symptoms which is addressed.

A thorough knowledge of similar patterns in homeopathic medicines allows the therapist to select the appropriate remedy and begin holistic treatment. 

The other aspect of the homeopathic approach is about first aid-specific therapeutic treatment of acute or sub-acute conditions. Conditions such as colds, influenza, tonsillitis, headaches, ear infections and skin infections can be promptly and effectively treated. 

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