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Your Appointments

During your initial appointment an extensive medical history is taken. This includes details of previous and current ailments, current medication, family and social history and emotional history.

Your presenting conditions are discussed in depth and an individualised prescription is prepared. Allow yourself up to 90 minutes for this first appointment. 

Follow-up Appointment

These appointments are recommended at fortnightly or monthly intervals, depending on the condition being treated.

During these appointments your response is assessed and your prescription is progressively developed. Attention to dietary and lifestyle approaches are continually addressed during these follow-up appointments.

Many patients continue to make progressive, ongoing, regular visits as part of their healing journey and personal self-development. 

Wellbeing Appointment

These appointments are strongly recommended at each change of season. As well as refining the previous prescription, there is an opportunity to discuss the presentation of any minor health concern and promptly address it. This amounts to preventative medicine and is the cornerstone of professional naturopathic care at this practice. 

Professional Fees

Initial appointment —
90 minutes  $135.00

Further appointments —
45 minutes  $85.00

Remedies & Tonics

Remedies —
15 ml   $20.00

Herbal Tonic —
25 ml  $35.00


Rebates for naturopathic appointments are available for members of private health funds.
Do check with your insurer.

Where you are referred from your GP, the cost of appointments may be claimed under the annual tax deduction for medical expenses.

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