Privacy Policy

I care about the protection 
of your privacy,
both online and offline.

The EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation),
CCPU (California), & AAP (Australia), etc, affect us all.
Here are the ways I use and store your data:

Privacy Policy

( Updated September 16 2022 )

Any information gathered about you in person, via email, text messages, in online conversations, or via my online forms (including your name and contact details) will never be sold or deliberately shared with any other parties, apart from the following exceptions:

  • if required to do so by law;
  • in the secure processing of that data as necessary in fulfilling my work for you (see the Third Party Services I use, below);
  • if expressly requested to do so by you in writing (by email)
    —example: for cross-referencing with other therapists or counsellors

While I take great care to protect your personal data, if at any time you want your personal data altered, or deleted from my devices or server, you have that right. Please don’t hesitate to contact me in that instance.

Also, while I have great trust in the reputation of the third-party services I have chosen to employ in my work for you, I cannot take responsibility for their own security systems.

The terms “I”, “my”, “mine” all indicate Indira Mariappan, the owner of this website.

1. Third Party Services

  1. My Email Form is now hosted on this server, and sent as emails  directly to my Inbox in the Apple mail email app. I, alone, open my emails. 
  2. My websites and email accounts are hosted in Australia on Australian servers.
  3. Stripe is used for online credit and debit card processing. Stripe is the industry standard in this field. You can view the Stripe Privacy Policy at

4. Cookies

  1. This site uses the Google Analytics cookies to collect general usage data for analytics processing only. HoweverI have activated ‘IP-anonymization’ on all my websites (your IP address, that is normally used to follow you around the web, is truncated, similar to a telephone number with several missing digits at the end) to prevent personally identifiable information or associations about you being sent to Google. I have opted to do this for your privacy because I do not use analytics to personally target you with advertising or marketing (and in this instance, neither will Google!).
  2. On this site, Google Analytics records your anonymous movements around this website: the pages visited and the time spent on each page, demographics such as country or city location, and type of device (i.e. operating system such as iOS, OSX, Windows version, Android, etc), so that I may improve my sites for all visitors. But you are not identified, personally, by or to Google during your visit.
  3. By clicking ‘Allow’ you are accepting these non-identifying IP-anonymization cookies, which will help me to see if my site’s pages and information are engaging enough for visitors or if they need improvement.

If you have any security concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

5. Testimonials

  1. Offering a testimonial for my use on my websites implies you are happy with me using your testimonial on any of my websites and my promotional material. I will not publish your testimonial on social media sites.
  2. Any testimonials you have offered that are published on my websites can be deleted or altered at your will. Please contact me for any changes, and I will implement them asap.
Thank you for your trust,
Indira Mariappan